2018-2019 K-PREP Scores

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As we celebrated great wins as a district with the  K-PREP release yesterday, we wanted to give each of you a peek into some of the specific celebrations we had at Woodlawn.  You can now access the Kentucky School Report Card to look at our district and any other school’s ratings. In the 5 star rating system a school has to receive  an overall score of 79.0 or above. WES scored 76.5, so just 2.5 points off which resulted in a high 4 star rating. Woodlawn continues to be a wonderful place for growing and learning, and we are excited to share some of our biggest celebrations:



  • WES had the highest proficiency rating of all of our elementary schools. That means that overall our students scored at the Distinguished or Proficient level at a high percentage across all subjects. Out of 724 elementary schools in the state that put us at 28th in the state.  


  • In reading 81% of our students were Proficient or Distinguished on the state tests.  That was also the highest in our district. Again, out of 724 elementary schools that placed us at 18th in the state for reading.  


  • In science we led the pack with the highest science scores of all the district elementaries.  Out of those 724 elementary schools that put us at 26th in the state for science.  


As always, we are already looking for ways we want to grow our students and our school.  We are deep into setting classroom and individual student goals for this year and moving forward doing what we do every day.  We want to work hard to help our kids stay at those high performing levels, while focusing in on any areas where we want more growth. As educators we know our growth mindset tells us there is always room for growing and goal setting.  Along with academic goals, we continue to be committed to growing the whole child through Seven Habits of Healthy Kids and other excellent programs we have in place. All of these pieces work together to make Woodlawn a successful place, both in our accountability scores and well beyond. 

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