Last Updated: 7/14/2022 3:35 PM

Boyle County Schools Central Office


The Boyle County Schools’ Central Office houses the administrative departments that support our learning environments. In addition to maintaining high levels of teaching and learning throughout the district, department staff manage the systems and processes that ensure business operations function in a safe, responsible and efficient manner. Personnel at the Central Office oversee teaching and learning, preschool, special education, financial systems, human resources, building maintenance, nutrition, health and safety, technology and transportation.


Message from the Superintendent

Welcome to Boyle County! I am very excited to serve the Boyle County community in my role as superintendent. Having served as a teacher, principal and assistant superintendent in Boyle County over the past several years has given me insight into what makes us special. We are blessed to have talented teachers and support staff who are driven to do what is best for kids. Most importantly, we have students who are determined to achieve at very high levels in all endeavors. I am passionate about our community, our schools and our kids. I look forward to working with each of you, and I am available to answer your questions or comments at anytime. You can reach me at 859.236.6634 ext. 3215 or by email at mike.lafavers@boyle.kyschools.us. Let me know how I can help you, your family or your child. I look forward to seeing you in the classrooms, at athletic events and in the community.

Mike LaFavers, Superintendent Boyle County Schools


Department Directors

Tammy Baxter, Director of Payroll and Benefits
tammy.baxter@boyle.kyschools.us, 859.236.6634 ext. 3218

Nichole Brown, District Health Coordinator
nichole.brown@boyle.kyschools.us, 859.236.6634 ext. 3130

Carla Carr, Human Resources Director
carla.carr@boyle.kyschools.us, 859.236.6634 ext. 3214

Chelsea Clark, Elementary Academic Achievement + Preschool Director
chelsea.clark@boyle.kyschools.us, 859.236.6634 ext. 3229

Bobbie Brown, Finance Director

bobbie.brown@boyle.kyschools.us, 859.236.6634 ext. 3216

Katie Ellis, Director of Food Service
katie.ellis@boyle.kyschools.us, 859.236.6634 ext. 3021

Marjorie Rush, Director of Special Education
marjorie.rush@boyle.kyschools.us, 859.236.6634 ext. 3212

Chris Slone, Director of Family + Community Support
christopher.slone@boyle.kyschools.us, 859.236.6634 ext. 3210

Susan Taylor, Creative Director/Communications Officer
susan.taylor@boyle.kyschools.us, 859.236.6634 ext. 3219


Mike LaFavers, Superintendent

859.236.6634 ext. 3215


Chris Holderman, Assist. Superintendent
Chief Operations Officer

859.236.6634 ext. 3226


Steve Karsner, Chief Academic Officer

859.236.6634 ext. 3272