Boyle County Schools Now Offers Onsite COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 Testing Onsite

Boyle County Schools is now offering COVID-19 testing onsite for its students and staff.

Wild Health will be in the old Woodlawn Elementary School (WES) on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., offering walk-in COVID-19 tests to students and staff who may need one. Testing is at no cost to students or staff.

Students (with guardian) and staff may enter at the southeastern corner of the old WES building, near Rebel Stadium. Parking is available between old WES and new WES or in the spots directly between old WES and Rebel Stadium. Testing will take place in a classroom just inside the exterior entrance/exit door.

NOTE: Students MUST have a guardian with them to complete the necessary paperwork.

This is simply an additional place to get tested, should staff or students need it, because we know it is proving difficult to find a place to get tested so that staff and students can return to school. Boyle County Schools still accepts verified test results from other offices and laboratories, just as it always has.

Any student or staff member who tests onsite will need to forward their results to the school nurse (contact list below). Should you have trouble receiving your child(ren)'s test results, please call Wild Health Customer Service at 859.217.4679.



Kasandra Mills, RN, BSN
Boyle County High School, 859.236.5047

Kimberly Brussell, RN, BSN
Boyle County Middle School, 859.236.4212 

Teri Gerlach, RN, BSN
Junction City Elementary, 859.936.7524 

Cheryl Bolling, RN, BSN
Woodlawn Elementary, 859.236.7688

Cassie Thompson, RN, BSN
Perryville Elementary, 859.936.7500

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