Telling Our Story KY: Jacob + Allison Tamme


Together, the Kentucky Association of Educational Cooperatives, Kentucky Association of School Administrators, Kentucky Association of School Superintendents and Kentucky School Boards Association launched a collaborative effort to highlight the incalculable impact of Kentucky’s 171 public school districts on their local communities. We strongly believe the power of public schools is most evident in the stories we tell. Stories of hope and transformation. Stories of equity. Stories of inspiration. Stories of success.

Here is the story of Jacob and Allison Tamme.


Tell us about your public school journey. We both attended Boyle County Schools from kindergarten until graduation. Our community takes great pride in the public school systems here, and we were grateful to grow up in a town that puts great emphasis on both education and athletics. Graduation is obviously the crowning achievement in a public school student's career; however, it was the small moments like tug of war at Field Day, lunch with a teacher, getting to pie your principal in the face at an assembly, private talks with coaches full of encouragement and guidance, and the smiles and hugs that greeted us each day are what really stand out when we think of our time at Boyle County Schools.

What aspects of your public education helped mold you into the person you are today? My time at the Boyle County Schools was both challenging and rewarding. My teachers encouraged me to think critically and created in me a desire to learn. This desire has allowed me to succeed in not only my football career, but also in my current business ventures. -Jacob

When you think back on your experience in public school, are there specific instances or relationships that stand out to you as having had a significant impact on your success since graduating? I feel that each of my teachers had a personal relationship with me throughout my educational career at Boyle County Schools. My high school English teacher taught me literature, but that's not what I remember most. She taught me how to deal with failure and success, how to keep perspective in life and how to work hard at pursuing my dreams. As I've grown to be an adult, this teacher is now our neighbor and friend. Relationships formed in classrooms last long after graduation. -Allison

As a product of public education, what advice would you give to a parent who was choosing an education path for their child? We are so blessed to live in such a wonderful school district. The choice for us was an easy one. Our two school-aged children attend the exact same schools we didit's home to our family. We come from a family of public school educators. Both of our mothers are retired from Boyle County Schools, and our sister and brother-in-law are current educators there as well. You would be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated, talented and invested group of individuals than public school teachers. We've seen it first-hand in our own educational journey and are seeing it now with our children.

As a product of public schools, what drives you to give back to your local school and/or district? It takes a village... an adage we've all heard, but rings especially true in public schools. All children deserve to have the opportunity to learn, grow and thriveno matter their background. This is the heart and soul of public education. To make this a reality, community and parent involvement are vital. Giving back is so important to us because we know the impacts that are made in the classroom have a ripple effect throughout students' lives.


The #TellingOurStoryKy initiative is made possible by the collaborative efforts of: Kentucky Association of Educational Cooperatives (KAEC), Central Kentucky Educational Cooperative (CKEC), Green River Regional Educational Cooperative (GRREC), Kentucky Association of School Administrators (KASA), Kentucky Association of School Superintendents (KASS), Kentucky Educational Development Corporation (KEDC), Kentucky School Boards Association (KSBA), Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative (KVEC), Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services (NKCES), Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative (OVEC), Southeast/South-Central Educational Cooperative (SESC) and West Kentucky Educational Cooperative (WKEC).

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