GSP Looked Different This Year

2020 GSP

The Governor’s Scholars Program is a summer residential program for outstanding high school students in Kentucky who are rising seniors. The program typically lasts six weeks, but due to COVID-19, this summer’s scholars were only on campus for one week. Despite the shortened time frame, eight rising seniors from Boyle County High School enjoyed an immersive experience among outstanding students from across the state. Here are their own words.

Most memorable ACADEMIC part of the GSP experience

Being a part of the astronomy focus area was an incredible and fun opportunity every day, but being able to observe Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon with our telescopes at 4 in the morning was an opportunity I'll never forget. We even got to take our telescopes home, and now my wonderful teacher, Rico Tyler, messages us and lets us know when to go outside with our telescopes and view fascinating things like the recent Perseids Meteor Shower! 
- Whitney Bean, Bellarmine University campus

I was able to learn so much more about human rights and the ways they're being violated around the world in my International Relations focus area. It was very eye opening for me, and it showed me how privileged I am. 
- Lindsey Couch, Bellarmine University campus

Most memorable SOCIAL part of the GSP experience

Personally, I was struck with how open-minded and accepting people were within the GSP community. It helped me to express my own opinions and understand the viewpoints of others. 
- Grant Carlsen, Bellarmine University campus

The friends I made are some of the kindest people I've ever met, and I see them being my friends long past this summer. During GSP, every Scholar was included in any social activity, and no one was left without a friend. I will always remember this sense of community that we built in only one week. 
- Kaylee Whitsell, Bellarmine University campus

What will you take with you from this experience?

I will be more open to new ideas and learning. This experience allowed me to more deeply explore myself and my beliefs. 
- Lindsey Couch, Bellarmine University campus

What I will take from this experience is knowing that there are all kinds of people out there, people with all kinds of backgrounds, dreams, goals and aspirations that are just waiting to be met. I feel that growing up in a small community, yes it is nice to have a sense of community, but we are unable to hear the views and thoughts of people from other areas, which makes me excited to go to college, forge relationships and be able to be educated and challenged by others both with like-views and different views than myself. I want to meet people and build off of each other. Given that we were only there for a week and during our breaks all we could do was talk to each other (because we couldn't play games etc. because of social distancing), we were forced to have tough conversations, which we never have on a day-to-day basis because we don't want to be uncomfortable or we don't have others that are willing to have those tough conversations. So, my biggest takeaway is to put yourself out there for there are so many beautiful people who you just haven't met yet. 
- Lindsey Warinner, Bellarmine campus

Why should future juniors apply to GSP?

Future juniors should definitely apply. Not just for the scholarship that can earn a good ride, but for the experience. The experience is what matters the most. It feels wonderful to discuss with like-minded individuals. 
- Gabriel Skelton, Bellarmine University campus

Future juniors should apply because it is a great opportunity. You get to meet so many new people and learn many ideas you might have never thought about. It is an eye opening experience. 
- Mayme Taylor, Bellarmine University campus

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