Boyle County Schools Helps Students Pursue Their Dreams

College/Career Readiness

Boyle County Schools Helps Students Pursue Their Dreams


DANVILLE, KY – February 20, 2020 – College and career planning start early at Boyle County Schools. From community helpers in preschool to career cruising in middle school, our students are thinking about their futures. At Boyle County High School, there are a variety of ways students can get ready for the future, beyond applying to college or getting a career certification.

“We prepare our students in many ways, academically and beyond, to meet the challenges of the future,” commented Mark Wade, principal at Boyle County High School. “They learn 21st century skills, have opportunities for leadership, and the chance to explore career options.”

The high school offers electives that expose students to potential career tracks, such as early childhood development, culinary, agriculture, engineering, and fashion and interior design, among others. Students also can choose to pursue technical certification, in areas such as heating/air, plumbing, health science, welding, and more. Work-study and co-ops are other options for our students. They can choose a business in the community and work there during the school day. These opportunities help high schoolers explore career paths without investing resources into college or technical education only to discover that is not their true calling.

Boyle County High School also offers Advanced Placement (A.P.) classes and dual-credit classes. Both of these give students the opportunity to earn college and high school credit concurrently, though they are a bit different. With a dual-credit class, the student receives college credit by passing the class and meeting the ACT benchmark, while A.P. classes require students to pass the A.P. test in order to receive college credit.

The school has recently entered into a partnership with Bluegrass Community & Technical College (BCTC) for the dual-credit program. At BCTC, students can earn dual credit in 14 disciplines, including robotics and automation, nursing and allied health, and English 101 &102. Juniors and seniors can receive two free dual-credit general education classes through the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority Dual-Credit Scholarship. All Career and Technical Education students can receive two dual-credit class per year for free through the Work Ready Scholarship. These dual-credit classes were chosen because they fall into one of five high-demand industry sectors for Kentucky. There will be an open house at BCTC on February 24 at 6 p.m. for interested families. Click here for a video explaining the programs:

Counselors at the high school meet regularly with students to discuss careers options and related topics, such as scholarships or financial aid. One of the most important pieces related to financial aid is the FAFSA, which is the Free Application for Financial Student Aid. Boyle County School District is in the top 25 out of 166 districts in percentage of students completing the FAFSA so far this year. Our counselors offer help sessions for parents and students to support them in completing the paperwork. They also help students intentionally schedule classes that are on the pathway to their future plans.

Finally, this year Boyle County High School rolled out the Work Ethics Seal, which indicates to potential employers the graduate is fully prepared to enter the workforce, at whatever time that occurs. The program is optional, but requires leadership, and that students meet certain behavioral criteria and academic success in order to receive the designation.

For more information on how Boyle County High School is preparing our students for the future, please call Mark Wade at 859.236.3998.






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