Boyle County Schools Continue to Increase Advanced Placement Scores

AP Scores

DANVILLE, KY – September 25, 2019 - Boyle County High School improved the percentage of students passing the 2019 Advanced Placement (A.P.) course exams by more than 8 percent over 2018 passing scores. Over the past six years, the number of students taking an A.P. exam has nearly doubled, while the number of students passing continues to rise. To pass, students need to score a 3 or higher. More students also received the highest score possible, a 5, than the previous year.

Advanced Placement Report

“We want to offer every opportunity for excellence,” said Mark Wade, Boyle County High School principal. “Advanced Placement courses challenge our students and allow them to test out of introductory college courses, which can free them up to pursue higher-level courses at the college level as well.”

Boyle County High School offers 20 A.P. classes, in areas such as Math, English, Science, and Social Studies, among others. If a student passes an A.P. exam, he or she will earn college credit for that course.

“The A.P. classes at Boyle Country prepared me for college in the sense that I figured out how to study more rigorous material, while balancing my extracurriculars and sports,” commented Boyle County High School graduate Summer Allahham, who is now a student-AP passing rate percentageathlete studying biology at Centre College. Her twin brother, Malik, is majoring in electrical/computer engineering and computer science at the University of Kentucky, and received 39 hours of college credit through his A.P. courses at Boyle County High School.

For more information on Advanced Placement courses or exams, please call Mark Wade at 859.236.5047.



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