7th Grade teachers

A bit of information to start with,  about the programs we use.

CONVERGE is a program that can be accessed at any computer, tablet, or smart-phone with internet service.  All students have a log-in that they use EVERY SINGLE day. So they will/should know it.

REMIND:  Is a tool, that sends text messages from teachers, to remind parents and students of upcoming events, homework or tests.   You can sign up for text notification with the REMIND codes above.  Text the message  ‘@ whatever your code is above’ to the number 81010 (this goes where a name or phone # would normally go if you were creating  a new text).   There are different REMIND codes for different classes, teams, schools or groups. You only have to do this one time per code (@....)

INFINITE CAMPUS :  Is online and will enable you to see your student’s grades,  assignments and attendance.  You will need a special code, that you can pick up in the school office, along with step by step instructions on how to set it up. Once you do this, there is also a phone App you can download & set -up . You will need this code  GXVLFP.


Claire Johnson

Collaborative Teacher 

BS from EKU                                                                                         Masters from Georgetown College

Teaching: 7 years

Email Mrs. Johnson




Quinn Givan

Collaborative Teacher 

BS in Political Science 

Teaching: 4

Email Mr. Givan




Vicki Naylor

Language Arts

Bachelors in Elementary Education
Masters as Reading Specialist
Certification in Instructional Leadership
Certification in Middle Grades English/Language Arts
All from Eastern Kentucky 

Teaching: 25 years

Email Mrs. Naylor

Pamela Gooch

Languange Arts

Bachelors from EKU,

Masters: working on /  University of the Cumberlands

Teaching: 9 years

Email Mrs. Gooch


Mrs. Naylor’s, Mrs. Gooch’s & Mrs. Johnson’s Language Arts classes 

  • LATE WORK -  no late work is accepted more than a week after due dates. If students complete an assignment late, they must send a teacher an email telling them they have submitted work. Otherwise, the work will not be graded.

  • Converge - Everything listed in the current week’s module is due on Friday.

  • Emails sent periodically to update families on Language Arts classes. Email Vicki Naylor to be added to this list.

  • HOMEWORK: very little.  We just ask that you READ!

  • Students must do one book project every 9 weeks that is done independently - These are due towards the end of each nine weeks. A link with directions is available on Converge.

  • NO REMIND codes

Lynyel Duggins

Social Studies

Bachelor of Science---EKU
Masters--Library Science--EKU
Rank I---Instructional Leadership--EKU

Teaching--19 years

Email Mrs. Duggins





Mrs. Heath’s and Mrs. Duggin’s Classes-Social Studies

  • Google Classroom  - (any assignments will be here)

  • Remind Codes:

    • For Mrs. Heath: @ heathss7

    • For Mrs. Duggins @Duggins

  • Paper copies upon request

  • HOMEWORK: very little

  • If you don’t email, call the school and leave a message for them to call you back , 236-4212

Shanna Heath

Social Studies

B.A. from Georgetown College, M.A.T. from University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)

Teaching: 9 years

Email Mrs. Heath



Kristin Eastman


Teaching : 1 year

Email Mrs. Eastman


Mrs. Rush’s & Mrs. Eastham’s Science Classes

  • Converge

  • Extra Credit opportunity on Converge

  • HOMEWORK: very little

  • Review Fridays

  • Paper Copies Upon Request

  • Video clip review coming soon

  • If you don’t email, call the school and leave a message for them to call you back , 236-4212

  • REMIND:  

    • For Mrs. Rush will be @bcms7sci

    • For Mrs. Eastham it will be @f97ga4  

Mary Rush


B.S. Psychology Cumberland College
B.S. Biology Education Eastern Kentucky University
M.A. Education Administration Eastern Kentucky University

Teaching: 15 years

Email Mrs. Rush



fields  Julie Fields 



Email Mrs. Fields


Mrs. Brushway’s, Mrs. Field’s & Mr. Givann’s  Math/Algebra Class classes 

  • EVERYTHING is on Converge (on their computer) and is arranged by unit & date.

  • Homework Daily (about 10 problems)  Turned in, and it will immediately send the student an email telling the student if he/she needs any corrections.  (They get 1 redo/correction)

  • REMIND CODE :  81010

    •  @brushway       (This for students and parents. This is for 7th grade math.)
    • @7-adv-math.    (This is for the 7th grade advanced math class (period 6).)

Victoria Brushway


Bachelors in Education- Elementary- Florida Atlantic University
Masters: Middle Grades Mathematics- Eastern Kentucky University
Specialist in Education- Educational Administration & Supervision

Teaching: 21 years

Email Mrs. Brushway




BA in Elem. Educ. from UK

Teaching : 1 year

Email Mr. Moseley

Braden Moseley