SILVER- 6th Grade

Welcome to the Silver Team!

A bit of information to start with about the programs we use.

CONVERGE is a program that can be accessed at any computer, tablet, or smart-phone with internet service.  All students have a log-in that they use EVERY SINGLE day. So they will/should know it.

REMIND:  Is a tool, that sends text messages from teachers, to remind parents and students of upcoming events, homework or tests.   You can sign up for text notification with the REMIND codes above.  Text the message  ‘@ whatever your code is above’ to the number 81010 (this goes where a name or phone # would normally go if you were creating  a new text).   There are different REMIND codes for different classes, teams, schools or groups. You only have to do this one time per code (@....)

INFINITE CAMPUS :  Is online and will enable you to see your student’s grades,  assignments and attendance.  You will need a special code, that you can pick up in the school office, along with step by step instructions on how to set it up. Once you do this, there is also a phone App you can download & set -up . You will need this code  GXVLFP.


Paula Schuhmann

Silver Team Language Arts

Undergrad: Brescia

Masters:  Western Ky

Teaching: "a long time"

Email Mrs. Schuhmann



Mrs. Schuhmann’s Class - Language Arts

  • Google Classroom

  • Student language arts binder(notes)

  • Quizlet for vocabulary

  • Homework is assigned on every Wednesday and due Friday.

  • Vocabulary Quiz every Friday. Words given on Tuesday.


Dennie Webb

Silver Team Social Studies

BA Middle School Ed - Kentucky Christian
BA History - Kentucky Christian
MA History - Eastern KY

Teaching: 15 years

Email Mr. Webb


Mr. Webb’s Class - Social Studies

  • Google Classroom

  • Converge

  • Student social studies binder (notes)

  • Quizlet for vocabulary

Mr. Webb makes a point for students to write their assignments for every class each day using Google Keep.

Julie Harris

 Silver Team Science

B.S. Taylor University - biology major; chemistry minor
M.S. Eastern Kentucky University - school counseling
National boards - adolescent science - 2012

Teaching: 27 years

Email Mrs. Harris


Mrs. Harris’ Class - Science

  • Converge (All notes from class and Powerpoints covered in class.)

  • Student science binder(notes, labs)

All guided notes should be in student binder and organized according the table of contents in the front.



Charla Preston

Silver Team Math



Email  Mrs. Preston


Mrs. Preston’s Class - Math

  • Google Classroom

  • Daily guided notes with step-by-step instructions in student math binder

  • Homework help videos are linked under each assignment- Google Classroom

Terry Wesley

Collaborative Teacher

BA & Rank 1 in Education-EKU

Teaching: 29 years

Email Mrs. Wesley



Megan Mayes

Collaborative Teacher

Elementary Education- EKU, Special Ed. LBD-Asbury, Principal Certification- Asbury, Educational Specialist- Asbury

Teaching: 9 years

Email Mrs. Mayes



Rachael Seals

Collaborative Teacher

BA in Education from the University of Kentucky
Currently pursuing Masters in special education learning behavior disorders from University of Cumberlands

Teaching: 2 years

Email Mrs. Seals