2020 Graduation Station

Grad GraphicSeniors and senior families may check here for all important information and events leading to our Graduation Day 2020 (May 29).  Please email Susan Michael with any questions or concerns. (PLEASE NOTE: If clicking on the link does not open your email program to a new email, simply right click on the link, select "copy email address", and paste it into a new email in your email program.)

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Boyle County High School 57th Annual Commencement Ceremony!

Watch the Class of 2020 as they take the stage!


2020 GRADUATION - A historical and memorable commencement! Thank you to all graduates, parents, extended families, Project Graduation volunteers, and staff for following the guidelines so well for the last two days and making the filming of our Class of 2020 so successful! I hope every graduate enjoyed his/her short visit to our high school! It was so good to have our students back in the building - it felt like welcoming them home! Our entire BCHS team has put so much heart into trying to make this event special for this senior class, and I hope you could feel their love and devotion. We are loving all the photos of happy, excited faces - it soothes some very worn out souls!

Boyle County High School's 57th annual Commencement Ceremony

ON May 29th, our 57th annual Commencement Ceremony will premiere at 5:00 pm EST. After the initial release, you will be able to watch it any time and as many times as you would like! 

Please join with your families, friends, and community in the safety of your homes to watch our 2020 graduates enjoy their moment in the spotlight! 

Class of 2020 Grand Parade!

After you have celebrated with your family, all graduates are invited to participate in a parade. Please carefully read the following important details:

  • Graduates, please remember to bring your Parade Pass with you, and lay it in the dashboard where it is clearly visible to administration as they check you in. Every graduate will be checked in by administration. Also, please wear your mortarboard & tassel (on the right).
  • For safety reasons, we ask that every graduate have a family member with him/her to drive! This will allow each graduate to fully and safely immerse in the sights and sounds of their parade celebration!
  • Graduates are permitted (and encouraged) to decorate their cars! Please keep all decorations focused on your graduation accomplishments, appropriate, and safe. Anyone with inappropriate decorations will be removed from the parade.
  • You MUST use the fairgrounds entrance at the traffic light to enter the school grounds. All other entrances will be closed. Graduates only (with their driver) will be permitted to enter! Cars will be directed where to park for parade preparation. Gates will be open for arrival at 7:15 pm, and ALL participating graduates need to arrive no later than 7:45 pm. The parade will begin at 8:00 pm.
  • Graduates will be returning to the student parking lot at the end of the parade for a tassel ceremony and fireworks display. Only graduates (with their driver) and staff will be permitted on school grounds.
  • GRADUATES MUST REMAIN IN THEIR CARS AT ALL TIMES, may not pass items between cars, and must keep all items inside cars. Riding/sitting in the bed of a pickup truck will NOT be permitted during the parade or the fireworks display. 

Family members, friends and community members are invited to park along the parade route to cheer our graduates! The parade map is included below!!  PLEASE practice all current social distancing guidelines as you enjoy our parade of graduates! Boyle County High School supports all efforts to keep our graduates, families, our supporting law enforcement and our entire community safe, and appreciate your cooperation during this event!

Family members are encouraged to park across the street from the high school (shopping center) after the parade to enjoy the fireworks display! Only our graduates (with driver) and staff will be permitted on school grounds. 

2020 SENIOR RECOGNITION NIGHT - Watch this beautiful tribute to our senior Class of 2020

2020 GRADUATION PORTRAIT PACKAGES - Many thanks to all the families who ordered Portrait Packages to support our Project Graduation! Although we were not able to have the usual fun and games of Project Graduation at this time, we were able to make Graduation Day even more exciting with a special prize for each of our graduates who participated in our virtual ceremony. Your support helped make this possible!



Additional Info


Parade Route

  • Parade begins at high school and will turn left toward Downtown on Perryville Road. 

  • Will proceed on Perryville Road to Main Street. 

  • Will turn left on Third Street then left onto Lexington. 

  • Will proceed on Lexington Avenue and turn left onto Maple. 

  • Will proceed on Maple back to BCHS. 

  • Parade re-enters the first entrance at BCHS off of Perryville Road, driving  around the  back  of school and concluding to the student parking lot , Woodlawn School and Middle School areas.  

  • Staff will direct graduate parking as they return to the school.

  • Only graduates and staff will be permitted on school grounds. Parents are encouraged to park in the shopping center parking lot across the street to enjoy the fireworks! Please, no parking on grass, on or along curbs, etc.

  • Chief Gray and Sheriff Robbins are in command of the parade on all highway/street/intersection stops and traffic control.