Tips #2


Families That Read Together Succeed Together



  1. Set A Date:  arrange a special time to read together every day.  Just before bed, in the morning, after dinner—whatever works for your family.


  1. Get Comfortable:  Find a quiet place where you can snuggle up and relax with one another.


  1. Choose Fun Books:  Visit your library to pick out interesting stories and books of all kinds.  Select them together, or have each of you find something that excites you and that youngsters will enjoy.


  1. Act It Out:  Use different voices for the characters.  Make faces and gestures, add sound effects.


  1. Trade Places:  Have each person who is able to read take a turn.  Beginning readers can take shorter turns if they like.


  1. Talk About It:  Ask questions about what you read, such as, “How to you think this story will end?” or “What was your favorite part of the story?”


  1. Read It Again:  Be willing to read favorite stories again and again, especially those of young children.  Change voices and think of new questions to ask.


  1. Read Aloud Or Silently:  It’s always fun to read aloud to one another.  Or, just enjoy time spent together as all of you read on your own.


  1. Ask:  Ask your child’s teacher or librarian for helpful hints.



Readers Are Leaders  


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