Gifted and Talented Services


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"The energy of the mind is the essence of life." - Aristotle 

Kentucky Recognizes Five Areas of Giftedness    

  1. General Intellectual Ability 
  2. Specific Academic Aptitude (e.g. language arts, math)
  3. Leadership
  4. Creativity 
  5. Visual and Performing Arts

Transfer students from other Kentucky school districts who have been previously identified as gifted and talented will be admitted into the gifted program.

Out-of-state transfer students who have been identified will be admitted pending information sent by the previous school.

Identification of gifted students occurs in October and February of each school year. 

Services Provided for Gifted and Talented Services

The Talent Pool: Recognizing High Potential Learners K-3

Differing from the Gifted and Talented Program’s use of test scores for identification, the Primary Talent Pool students are identified informally by teachers as having potential gifts and talents in one or more areas. Collaboration occurs between the classroom teacher and GT resource teacher. The primary talent pool students may be placed into cluster groups for instruction. Once placed into the talent pool, students remain there until the end of the 3rd grade. Some of the students will then be formally identified as Gifted and Talented during the 4th grade. 



General Intellectual and Academically identified gifted students receive pull-out services once per week. During this time students will engage in activities that are designed to stimulate and develop higher level thinking skills. Much of the content is inter-disciplinary and includes project-based learning. “Brainbuster Lunches” with the GT teacher are also offered once per month. These lunches provide time for socialization with other gifted and talented students. Various topics are addressed during these lunches. Regular classroom teachers utilize strategies such as pacing adjustments, pre-assessment, compacting, and acceleration to provide differentiation.

Creative and Visual/Performing Arts identified students are serviced by the GT staff through musical/drama productions, art studios, workshops, and field trips. These activities are scheduled at various times throughout the year. Students will be notified by letter or email of these service opportunities.


Middle Grades

General Intellectual, Academic, and Leadership students are serviced through “Brainbuster Lunches” once per month. Challenging, fun activities are provided during this time. Middle School students are placed into leveled math classes. Teachers use various strategies such as pre-assessment, compacting, pacing adjustments, and acceleration for differentiation. Creative and Visual/Performing Arts students participate in a musical production once per year, art studios, workshops, and field trips. Leadership students are involved in various activities throughout the year, which may include Student Council, service projects, and leadership seminars.


High School

Honors, Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit classes are offered for all students who can meet the challenge and rigor of the curriculum. Various class offerings are available for the Creative, Visual/Performing Arts students. Classroom teachers use various curriculum strategies such as pre-assessment, alternate assessment, compacting, and acceleration. Leadership students are presented with various opportunities to develop their skills in both the regular classroom and outside opportunities that may arise in the school.


Parent Communication

Students who are identified as gifted and talented receive an annual Gifted Student Service Plan (GSSP), which is designed to outline the differentiated services that the student will receive throughout the year. Students will also receive evaluative comments by regular classroom teachers on report cards and/or individual progress reports sent home by the GT staff. 


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Mary Jane Hall
Coordinator for Gifted Education


Kristina Grubb
GT Resource Teacher for Talent Pool


The Gifted and Talented handbook is available for public inspection at Central Office or the Gifted and Talented office at Boyle County Middle School.