Technology Services


Boyle County Schools is always striving to improve, move, engage, innovate, and challenge students through all aspects of their educational experience. The district is committed to providing students and teachers with the technology tools that foster creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

All school labs and classrooms are furnished with computers less than 4 years old; with an average 2:1 student/computer ratio. All elementary schools are equipped with a minimum of 5 ipads per teacher and most 4th/5th grade classrooms contain a class set of Chromebooks. As of 2015, both the High School and Middle School have 1:1 Chromebooks for all students with a take-home user option grades 6-12. At BC Schools, 100% of classrooms have projection devices and/or wide screen TV's to enhance learning. 80% of classrooms are equipped with document cameras and 40% have voice amplification systems.

Every building is equipped with dense wireless access. Every classroom has at least one access point capable of handling up to 50 devices. Technology in our district not only focuses on the devices, but how they impact instruction. Boyle County Schools utilizes Google Apps for Education and Converge Learning Management System to digitize instruction, flip classroom experiences, and allow for student/teacher collaboration. 

For more information contact any of the following Technology Staff Members:

Susan Taylor, CIO/DTC

Stephanie Wade, District Technology Integration Specialist

Sandra Goode, Network Administrator

Matt Whitlock, Network Administrator