Mission Statement



The faculty, staff, and administration would like to welcome each of you to the “Home of the Eagles”. We hope that all parents and students will feel that this is your school and will contribute to its success in all available ways. The policies and procedures contained in this planner have been carefully prepared and presented so that they will be of great value in helping you adjust to your school and to become an integral part of it.

STUDENTS – Be proud of the fact that you attend Boyle County Middle School. Take care of your school and set a trend in school pride that will continue for years to come. As a school citizen, you are expected to conduct yourself within the guidelines of socially appropriate behaviors. You will have fun as you learn necessary and useful skills for the future.

PARENTS – You are encouraged to visit your child’s school at any time. For safety reasons, please remember that all visitors must check-in and obtain a Visitor’s Identification Badge in the front office upon entering the building. If you wish to have a conference with a particular teacher or a team of teachers, a time will be arranged during the teacher’s planning period. To make sure that the teacher will be available, please call ahead to schedule an appointment (236-4212).

We strongly urge you to become involved in your child’s school experiences. Become aware of what is being offered in the curriculum, the extra curricular programs, and school policies. Volunteer as a guest speaker, serve as a chaperone, or serve on school committees. Please read this material and become familiar with the operation of Boyle County Middle School.