A record of 53 BCHS seniors scored an average composite score of 28+ on the ACT

A record number of 53 BCHS seniors scored an average composite score of 28+ on the ACT 


DANVILLE, KY – NOVEMBER 14, 2017 – Each year, over 2 million students participate in the ACT college entrance exam. The standardized test measures academic achievement and college readiness, with scores serving as a determining factor for scholarships awarded by universities across the country.

Boyle County High School (BCHS) students reached a milestone this year when the graduating Class of 2018 averaged a composite ACT score of 22.4 — the highest score in school history and the 11th best average amongst all Kentucky high schools. The score beat the national average of 21.0 and the state average score of 19.8. Impressively, 53 seniors, or 22 percent of the entire class, scored a 28 or higher on the exam. These students ranked in the top 10 percent of test-takers, nationally.

Over the last ten years, Boyle County’s average composite ACT scores have steadily climbed from 18.9 to 22.4 – thanks, in part, to an aggressive initiative introduced by the Board of Education. In 2015, Boyle County Schools (BCS) began providing all sophomores the opportunity to sit for the ACT free of charge. Familiarizing students with the live testing environment early lowers anxieties associated with the timed test; but more importantly, the sophomore ACT provides both students and school administrators powerful data that facilitates academic growth for all.      

BCS pays a $46 registration fee for each sophomore to take the ACT. An additional $20 is paid to secure the student’s Test Information Release (TIR) report detailing the test questions, student’s answers and answer key. These TIR reports hold the keys to measurable growth for every student at BCHS.

BCHS staff rigorously analyzes TIR reports, both individually and cumulatively, to identify areas of improvement and develop a focused plan to prepare students for the junior testing period. The data pinpoints deficiencies, allowing faculty to fine-tune classroom instruction and set ACT review curriculum.

In addition, BCHS administrators host goal-setting conferences with every junior prior to the spring ACT. The process communicates high expectations from school leadership, while empowering students to take ownership of their own testing success.

More Opportunities for Kids.  Over the last three years, BCHS has seen a rise in the percentage of graduates choosing to pursue higher education, an increase in college options available to students and significant growth in the amount of scholarship money awarded to seniors. These opportunities lessen the financial burden on families and broaden future prospects for students.

Record Numbers Scoring 28+.  On October 23, 2017, BCHS hosted its 7th annual ACT Gala at Centre College. The celebration of academic achievement recognized students that scored a composite score of 28 or higher on the ACT. Fifty-three students, out of 225 in the senior class, performed better than 90% of ACT test-takers, nationally. This threshold is significant, as a score of 28 opens up additional merit-based scholarship opportunities.

Advancing a Culture of Excellence.  Students, parents and faculty are committed to fostering Boyle County’s culture of success. To date, 96% of BCHS sophomores are registered to take the December test for free, representing the highest percentage ever. High academic rigor is a cornerstone at BCHS, but their goals also include maximizing every student’s potential – whether they seek to continue into college or enter the workforce.


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